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About Palmacosta Academy:

Palmacosta Academy is a Cross-Over, Alternate Universe, Multi-Fandom Roleplay. Palmacosta Academy is a highschool in a nice beach-side town. Palmacosta Academy is actually from the game "Tales of Symphonia" - but ToS knowledge is not required at all.

Of course, in-game it was destroyed - but we go by the theory that afterwards, taking Luin's example, it was rebuilt - generally the same, but bigger and better. :D The prestigious "Palmacosta Academy" became a chaotic, less-prestigious highschool. Generally we'll say technology is just catching up to current-time's due to an increase in Magi-technology - the ToS equivalent. It's run on magic. Yeah. Oh, and half-elves have been discriminated against for, um, ever. They're just now getting rights etc.

You can play any EXISTING character from any series. No Original Characters, sorry.

How The RP Works:

This RP is, seeing as how it's on livejournal, a journal-RP. That is, you write entries in your character journal as if THEY were writing in their journal. Comments can be a in-journal conversation between characters or a out-of-journal reaction/conversation after the entry. You can label your entries as public or private or filtered to certain characters - so that the PLAYERS can see them, but the characters can't.

There's also AIM RPing, and though it's less important - to me XD; - it's still a good portion of plots etc. All AIM RP logs should be posted to palmacosta_logs.

AIM RPs do not have to be long-paragraph RPs, but generally I would like it if they were like interactive story telling rather than *action* RPs. Both can be pulled off well, of course, but I'd prefer the former. Also, not all characters will have AIM - or they may be like me - too forgetful to log in + a computer that kicks them off spontaneously. So it's not necessary to have AIM.


1) Each person can have up to five or six characters. Don't take on more than you can play, however. I think it's a given that they should be In Character.

2) Players need to be at least relatively active, okay? An RPs no fun if the players don't post.

3) Drama is fine and all - as this is a highschool - but... Don't over do it?

4) Don't play other people's characters without permission. Actually, just... Be courtious and don't suck at RPing. XD; No deaths, no "I hit you and you can't block," no "I don't like you OOC, so our friendly characters suddenly hate each other." None of that.

5) We are, of course, romance friendly. Yaoi, yuri, het, we don't care. Crossover pairings, crack pairings, threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes - it's all good. :D Just make sure to clear it up with the players of the other characters involved before plunging your character into unrequited ohsotragic love. :)

6) There will be smut from various players etc. Not a problem to me, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. In other words, only read it if you're old enough - it'll be labled. I'm not old enough, and I read it anyway. The new mods are old enough. >.>


You're not limited to students! You could play as a teacher, someone who works on campus, etc. Also, note the name of the RP. Palmacosta_LIFE. You could even be someone who lives around the town and interacts with the students - who are, um, the main focus. XD;

And if you're not sure who you should apply as, please check the requested characters list.

Scheduling stuff:

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Taken Characters:

Tales of Symphonia
Colette Brunel colette_klutzy
Forcystus forcy_sensei
Kratos Aurion seraph_sensei
Kvar mr_squinty_eyes
Lloyd Irving falcons_crest
Magnius lord_magnius
Mithos Yggdrasil greatheromithos
Pronyma pronyma_sensei
Rodyle emperor_rodyle
Yuan professor_yuan
Zelos Wilder zelos_denial

Ann "Tsukasa" Shoji of_the_twilight
Sora 'Kinjo'sorasora_bobora

Demon Diary
Chris cleric_of_rased
Raenef V raenef_chan

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
Erk studyofanima
Lucius elimines_light
Raven cornwell_raven

Fullmetal Alchemist
Alfons Heiderich rakete_liebe
Alphonse Elric edwards_otouto
Edward Elric notashrimpatall
Envy leather_skort

Eiri Yuki professor_eiri

Kyou Kara Maou
Anissina von Khrennikov crazy_inventor
Yozak Guriere yozak
Yuuri Shibuya maou_heika
Günter von Kleist gunter_sensei
Gwendal von Voltaire gwendal_sensei
Konrad Weller rutenburg_lion

Last Exile
Dio Eraclea butterfly_white

Legal Drug
Kakei smirkingpsychic
Saiga got2wearshades

Love Mode
Kiichi Aoe kiichi_aoe

Soubi Agatsuma agatsuma_sensei
Ritsuka Aoyagi ritsukaoftoday
Kouya Sakagami zero_fighter
Yamato Nakano zero_change

Ouran High School Host Club
Hikaru Hitachiin double_devils
Kaoru Hitachiin double_devils
Kyouya Ootori thecooltype

Honjou Matsuri matsurihonjou

Tales of Legendia
Senel Coolidge marine_artist

Trinity Blood
Abel Nightroad krusnik_sensei

W Juliet
Makoto Amano actress_mako

Yami no Matsuei
Kazutaka Muraki professormuraki
Oriya Mibu masteroriya

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